Re: [DRAFT] Heartbeat poll

On Jul 31, 2009, at 10:18 PM, John Foliot wrote:

>> In
>> fact, I've actually attempted to broker compromise changes on
>> summary="" which I'd hoped to be satisfactory to all parties.
> I have re-read your notes on this matter - I see no compromise  
> position or
> solution offered (but maybe I missed something - if I did I am sorry  
> for
> that).  I did read something whereby you sought to defend the current
> draft as being, in your opinion, less egregious then earlier  
> versions, but
> I do not see an alternative to my requests or WHAT WG's current  
> position
> that could be considered a compromise.

The editor's former position was that summary="" should be  
nonconforming. Your position (and that of other advocates) was that it  
should be conforming and recommended. I think making it conforming but  
discouraged is a middle ground. In fact, in the past you yourself said  
that the coformance status was a bigger obstacle than what  
recommendation the spec makes, since other people could make and  
follow their own recommendations, but violating conformance would be a  
bigger problem.

Now, maybe you're not 100% satisfied with the current text. I think  
others are dissatisfied in the other direction - they would rather see  
summary="" be a hard conformance error. That is the nature of a  
compromise. But I haven't seen any summary="" advocates acknowledge  
that the change is an improvement. I am disappointed in that.

>> Clearly John has not found the changes satisfactory, or even  
>> softened his
>> stance.
> I've not seen any proposed changes to consider.

I'm referring to the change from summary="" being nonconforming, to  
being conforming but marked obsolete (thus requiring a warning). Based  
on previous statements and the list of arguments against completely  
omitting summary, I thought this was kind of a big deal. But I haven't  
seen any change in the arguments presented against the current draft,  
or any softening of language used to oppose it.

Building consensus sometimes requires compromise. So far I have not  
seen a lot of willingness to budge from the accessibility faction, or  
even willingness to consider that there might be more than one  
acceptable answer. That makes me feel like it's not a good use of my  
time to propose and advocate middle ground solutions.


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