Re: [DRAFT] Heartbeat poll

Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Fri, 31 Jul 2009, Sam Ruby wrote:
>> If Ian is not predisposed to consider the request that John has proposed 
>> and John has not withdrawn his request, there will be a poll.
> I'm sorry, I've just checked my issues list and couldn't find any feedback 
> from John. Could I get a pointer to the request? I'm not sure to what we 
> are referring here. I would be glad to fast-track any feedback which would 
> help things along.

John's two requests are detailed here:

I make no assertions as to whether the requests are coherent, complete, 
or correct, but I hope that you two can find some middle ground.

- Sam Ruby

P.S.  The "template" to which he refers is actually the following file:

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