Re: MathML in HTML: syntax for hypertext links

thanks for your comments.

> One question I do have: what are the main reasons for links in MathML 
> right now in the first place?

well, MathML is math on the web, and a web without links is rather dull.

the original message was a "WG" view, put speaking personally
take a look at

The NAG documentation (describing a numerical library) has hundreds of
thousands of such links as each "variable" in an expression is (usally)
a parameter of some routine, linked back to the parameter description.

Currently if viewed with firefox the maction-with-link is converted on
that page with a client side xslt to an html <a> so linking still works
(at the cost of poorer layout) but I only mention that so you know what
you are looking at, the issue isn't really current FF behaviour, and this
presumably isn't the forum to discuss firefox bugs). Whether or not
xlink support is restored in Firefox, we'd like to move to some native
mathml linking for other reasons, as outlined)


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