Re: <q addmarks=true>

Jim Jewett wrote:

> Yes, but I wonder if the right answer here is just to support generic
> selectors that can peek into the text itself.
>     q char-equal('"') { display: None; }
> But then I wonder if that isn't really just an argument to use XSLT,
> and not worry about such minor details if neither the server nor the
> browser can process it.

First, I don't think @admarks is useful if we don't semantically tag the
quotes themselves. The idea is to allow to copy and paste a quotation
WITHOUT the quotation marks, whatever they are... BTW that would solve
your second problem, hiding the quotations marks.

Second, your pseudo-selector above is useless. Consider this case:

<p lang="fr">Mon ami lui dit <q admarks="false">« le Général Anthony
              McAuliffe leur a répondu "Nuts!" à Bastogne »</q></p>

you need to select the language surrounding the quote... And even
though, you cannot be sure that the outermost quotations marks aren't
used for a nested quote in a different language.


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