Re: <q> vs <p>

2008/10/31 Jim Jewett <>

> Justin James and Robert Burns wrote:

This is confusing; please could you express more clearly about who you are

> But note that what [the <p> element] adds is strictly whitespace.  The
> parser has always
> been allowed to normalize whitespace (including line breaks and leading
> tabs) to whatever it feels is appropriate.

I think you may be conflating two things:

(1) The insertion of whitespace by an HTML rendering engine upon
encountering a <p> element.
(2) The discarding of superfluous whitespace in elements' content or between
elements, by an HTML parser.

> Quotation marks are not whitespace, and adding or removing them is
> something that the parser normally shouldn't do, any more than it
> should add or remove vowels.

The suggestion that a UA (I think this is what you meant by "a parser")
should not add or remove vowels and, therefore, should not add or remove
quotation marks, is a non sequitur. As such, I don't think it has any weight
against the proposals I've outlined elsewhere about <q>.



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