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>2008/10/30 Philip TAYLOR <<>>
>Sam Kuper wrote:
>(A) In cases where the author has used constructions like <q>"(A 
>quote.)"</q>, the markup is invalid under HTML 4.x,
>Why do you assert that, Sam ?
>From HTML 4.01 spec, section 9.2.2 [1]:
>"Authors should not put quotation marks at the beginning and end of 
>the content of a Q element."

And if the quoted material validly begins and ends with quotation 
marks, why not?  I am quoting material which itself contains 
quotation marks.  e.g.:

from 'No Name' by Wilkie Collins: <q>"Do I understand", he said, 
"that you are entirely deprived of present resources?"</q>

(which is probably why it is a 'should' and not a 'must' not).

You might think to solve this by matching opening and closing quote 
marks, but there's nothing to say I cannot quote only a single phrase 
of direct speech.

By the way, are you sure you know what a quote mark *is* in all 
typographic conventions around the world?  (" ", ' ', << >>, ...)
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