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Sam Kuper a écrit :
> 2008/10/29 Olivier GENDRIN < 
> <>>
>     Quotes are a wrapper for the quotation, wrappers are on the outside of
>     what is wrapped...
> Equally, HTML tags are wrappers for their contents.
Yes, we got <q> that wraps quote that wraps the quotation. But by the 
way, it is an other problem (if it is a problem ?).
> Since both the tags and the quotation marks have equal claim to wrap 
> the quotations, I suggest we forego the dilemma by accepting the 
> solution I have proposed in my previous emails on the topic.
Well, forego the dilemma and accept your solution, I am agree with, but 
it represents a lot of work (that is why my second solution was 
adequate, because it does not required a lot of work, as you suggested).


Ivan Enderlin
Developper of Hoa Framework

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