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On Sun, Oct 26, 2008 at 1:17 AM, Ben Boyle <> wrote:
> Got a question ...
> <p lang="en"><q lang="fr">Bonjour</q> he said.</p>
> English or French quotation marks?

Interesting use case. As far as the sentence is intended to be read by
English speaking people, I think that they await for English
typography marks, so English quotation marks would make sense. But If
we had more nested quotations (French quoted into French quoted into
English), the nested quotation would need French ones (in fact, it
would need the quotation marks used into the outer quoted sentence).

I think that quotation marks are not part of the quotation, but
outside of it (:before and :after), so the @lang of the quotation mark
is the @lang of the surrounding tag.

Olivier G.

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