Comments on: Final agenda for Oct. 23-24 face-to-face meeting


I'm not at TPAC this year, so I'll post some comments relating to the 
discussions here.

Michael(tm) Smith wrote:
> The following is the final agenda for the HTML Working Group
> October 2008 face-to-face meeting.
> Note that we are starting at 9am each day (not 8:30), and have
> scheduled 90 minutes for lunch breaks (because people have asked
> for longer breaks to have more opportunities for informal
> discussions).
> [...]
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> Thursday 23 October
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
>   [...]

>   11:00-12:30
>     Joint meeting with W3C TAG members, with discussion focusing
>     on modularization of the HTML5 specification.

The HTML5 specification is, and has always been, modular. Just because 
the HTML5 spec is a single file doesn't mean it's not modular, in fact 
it's probably the most modular spec that the W3C has ever published.

If it's the single file that bothers people, we could host a multi page 
version of the spec like the WHATWG has got [1], at the W3C.


Dean Edridge

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