Reading feedback

It has come to my attention that there may be a misunderstanding about 
what feedback I read regarding HTML5. In particular, in one e-mail to a 
member-confidential list recently, it was suggested that I have said that 
I might not read all e-mail sent to this list (public-html).

I'd like to reassure everyone that as editor, I do read every single 
e-mail sent to this mailing list, and take all such feedback into account.

I believe this misunderstanding may have risen because I have mentioned 
that I do not guarantee that I will _reply_ to all e-mails sent to this 
list, unlike with the WHATWG list, where I do guarantee that all feedback 
will receive a reply. This difference is merely one of practicality; this 
mailing list has at times received over 50 e-mails per day, and doubling 
that (by replying to every e-mail) seems like an unproductive approach.

So again, please rest assured that I do and will read every e-mail sent to 
this mailing list, and will consider all such e-mails carefully.

You can see which e-mails I have decided need further examination by 
looking at the issues list:

...which includes e-mails from this list that, upon a first reading, I 
have determined require further examination and potentially will require 
changes to the spec.

Please feel free to file issues in the working group's bug database if you 
would like to be notified of when I make a specific decision based on your 
feedback (the bug system will e-mail the reporter when the bug is closed, 
and I will always include a rationale if I do not address the feedback in 
the requested manner, allowing for further reasoned debate). The current 
list of bugs is here:

New bugs can be filed here:

I guarantee that I will read all feedback sent to this list (and its 
sister list public-html-comments), as well as the WHATWG list, and the 
above bug database's HTMLWG component. I also try to read all feedback 
written on IRC channels I am in, on blogs, on other mailing lists that I 
am subscribed to, on Usenet, on bug systems I have access to, etc, but of 
course for those I cannot guarantee that I will see the feedback if it 
isn't explicitly brought to my attention.

I hope this helps clarify matters.

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Received on Thursday, 16 October 2008 11:23:00 UTC