Re: <style scoped> and semi-transparent content models

On Thu, 25 Sep 2008, Henri Sivonen wrote:
> I'm still unable to determine whether 
> is supposed to 
> conform.

    <source src=foo>
    <style scoped>

The content model of <video> is one or more source elements then 

When a content model includes a part that is "transparent", those parts 
must not contain content that would not be conformant if all transparent 
and semi-transparent elements in the tree were replaced, in their parent 
element, by the children in the "transparent" part of their content model, 
retaining order.

The <body> element's content model is "flow content".

The <style> element, since it has a scoped="" attribute, is flow content 
and is allowed where flow content is expected, but before any other flow 
content other than other style elements and inter-element whitespace.

The <source> element is not flow content.

This seems unambiguous -- what reading of the above would lead to the 
conclusion that the above snippet is non-conforming?

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