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Re: @headers on th too or just td?

From: Joshue O Connor <joshue.oconnor@cfit.ie>
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 11:57:15 +0100
Message-ID: <4864C78B.7090404@cfit.ie>
To: Steven Faulkner <faulkner.steve@gmail.com>
Cc: Dan Connolly <connolly@w3.org>, "public-html@w3.org WG" <public-html@w3.org>, public-comments-wcag20@w3.org

Hi Steve,

Steven Faulkner wrote:
> Considering that, it's a bit strange that they allow the headers
> attribute on th elements. Having a header implies that the cell
> contains data, in which case it should be marked up with td. That's
> probably why HTML5 have removed it from there, as it wouldn't make
> sense.

Yes thats true. I guess though if we look at headers as semantic hooks 
to guide how a UA should interpret content then using headers makes 
sense on the presentational level - in terms of guiding the algorithm 
when the table is interrogated - if not on the application level.

If that makes sense.

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