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drastic reduction of HTML WG issue tracker contributors: explanation please?

From: Gregory J. Rosmaita <oedipus@hicom.net>
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 10:13:33 +0100
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i recently visited:


and discovered, to my surprise, that the number of persons listed as 
issue tracker participants have been reduced to six:

  * Dan Connolly
  * James Graham  
  * Shawn Medero  
  * Julian Reschke  
  * Michael(tm) Smith
  * Chris Wilson

last week, the list included:

  * Dan Connolly 
  * Michael Cooper 
  * Karl Dubost 
  * James Graham 
  * Ian Hickson 
  * Lachlan Hunt 
  * David Hyatt 
  * Charles McCathieNevile 
  * Shawn Medero 
  * Julian Reschke 
  * Gregory Rosmaita 
  * David Singer 
  * Michael(tm) Smith 
  * Maciej Stachowiak 
  * Anne van Kesteren 
  * Chris Wilson 

   * 16 group participants, 
   * 16 in good standing, 
   * 12 participants from 5 organizations 
   * 4 Invited Experts 

[retrieved 1:44 PM EDST (US) from 

which leads to the following questions:

1. what caused the chairs to remove 10 participants in "good standing"?

2. why were those who were eliminated from the issue tracking group NOT

3. what is the criterion for retention on the issue tracker group?

4. how does one get "reinstated" to the issue tracker group

please address these questions in as timely a manner as possible -- are
the chairs curtailing participation in the issue tracker group, and if
so, why were some members dropped whilst others were retained?

i originally asked the chairs for a clarification of issue tracking 
states (raised, open, closed) and policies, but did not expect the 
outcome to be the draconian reduction of the issue tracking group 
without an explanation on the part of the chairs to those who were 
eliminated from the issue tracking group...

is there a documented resolution to reduce the issue tracking group?
if so, what were the criteria that led to the elimination of many and
the retention of a few?

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