Re: [whatwg] several messages about the HTML syntax

I guess you'd have to actually use the program to get it.

See the "initialize" box on the right with the lower left slider [ 16  
HDivide ].
If this were any other application, when you put your mouse over it  
you'd get a tooltip saying "Horizontal Divisions of Current Object".
But in Z-brush you get that big rectangle with 2 paragraphs of useful  

Yes it doesn't really look like exactly like what I'd expect a tooltip  
to look like since you can't see the mouse pointer in the screenshot  
and the box of information should be directly underneath the HDivide  
slider control.
Use your imagination :)

For the people I've introduced to zbrush they found the interface very  
frightening (a lot more than photoshop) until I told them how to get  
the extra large (useful) tooltips. It was still a monster of a program  
after that but they weren't afraid of it anymore. Out of 9 people i  
think 7 or 8 of them decided to read almost every large tooltip (of  
the buttons immediately available in the default interface) before  
actually use the application.

They didn't have to. But because the information was there in the  
context of the interface itself instead of some separate help file  
document they decided to read it first.

On Apr 28, 2008, at 3:04 PM, Křištof Želechovski wrote:

> I failed to recognize any of the visual elements on your screen shot  
> as tool
> tips.
> Chris
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> Screenshot of the kind of helpful tooltips available in Z-Brush.
> If browsers displayed @longdesc like this by default then more authors
> would use it.

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