Re: HTML semantics and file system

Samuel Santos wrote:
> When writing technical HTML documents, I often feel a need for an element to
> represent a path or a file in the file system. But I couldn't find any
> semantically correct element to do this.
> I usually use <em class="filesystem">C:\foo\bar</em> but it just feels
> wrong...
> Is it worthy to have another HTML element like <filesystem> (I'm not sure if
> this is the better name for the element) to represent a path (e.g.
> C:\foo\bar) or a file name (e.g. README.txt)?

The spec states (emphasis added):
   The code element represents a fragment of computer code. This could be
   an XML element name, a *filename*, a computer program, or any other
   string that a computer would recognise.

Lachlan Hunt - Opera Software

Received on Monday, 28 April 2008 14:56:45 UTC