RE: [whatwg] several messages about the HTML syntax

I do not remember the debate and when I wanted to refresh my memory using
the archives, I got pipermail errors nested three times.  As far as I can
understand, @longdesc is out-but I do not know why.  I think your suggestion
would be great for managing application translations.



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New Idea!

Remember the long debate about whether longdesc on images was useful or not?

I and a few other people had a similar idea. 


Longdesc: A URL to a document that contains a long description of the image


I think longdesc should be expanded to all attributes. It will be used as a
native (no javascript needed) way of making more useful tooltips.

It's value can either be a full url or the id of an element on the current
page or the id of an element on another page(but this would require loading
a whole other file in the background just to get a small portion of it).


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