Re: MathML entities don't degrade gracefully


> Using the MathML entities in XML requires a doctype, because otherwise
> the document   would be ill-formed. 

Yes and no. The HTML5 spec could state that when processing
application/xhtml+xml documents that the application should
(effectively) use a catalog that supplies DTD entity definitions for
the HTML5 entities (it may make sense to do this regardless of whether
the "html5 entity set" ends up being the html4 names or html4+mathml

<!DOCTYPE html>

or even just


is well formed (but not valid) if the parser is using a catalog that says
(for example) that any document with document element "html" should use
a dtd that (just) defines some set of html5 entities.


Received on Friday, 25 April 2008 11:01:05 UTC