Re: required radio buttons and checkboxes

Weston Ruter wrote:
> What if the spec recommended that the browser display internationalized 
> error messages based upon the @lang or @xml:lang of the INPUT element's 
> context? Similarly, what if the default labels for Submit and Reset 
> buttons were also localized based off of the language context?
> For example:
>     <div lang="es"><input type="submit"></div>
>  Would appear as: [ Proponer ] But...
>     <div lang="il"><input type="submit"></div>
> as: [ Proporre ]

Surely if you're going to effort to include lang attributes, you would 
just specify the value yourself in the right language?

I would also suggest that the browser's UI will be set to use the right 
locale for the user, and that if the user is trying to use a 
foreign-language form whose language they do not understand, it would 
generally be more useful to the user for the browser to display any 
validation messages in the UI language and not the page language.

Andrew Sidwell

Received on Thursday, 24 April 2008 17:31:57 UTC