Re: Image/Video/Audio Metadata (an alternative perspective of alt text)

Marghanita da Cruz 22-04-08 03:08:   ­  
> Ivan Enderlin wrote:
>> Marghanita da Cruz a écrit :
>>> Is there any scope for including/enhancing the metadata for embedded 
>>> content - or is the view that that should be embedded in the content 
>>> itself?
>>> eg Attribution - Graphic Artist/Photographer, Subject, Date Taken, 
>>> Type of Image (Photograph), rights, I currently include this in the 
>>> ALT text with the hope that it is displayed in the mouseover.  It 
>>> would also be useful to be able to format this.
>>> Though the information needs to be repeated  in the Title, to 
>>> increase the likelihood that it works for everyone.
>>> If there is no "additional information" title or alt text, it would 
>>> be useful if the browser provides this feedback. 
>> Maybe the @longdesc attribute should be usefull in this case, no ?
> This could work for recording the information....though ideally - it 
> would be a
> file that could be viewed on its own, or linked to from another 
> webpage, to
> display the image only.
> I have added a "longdesc", title and alt to the image at
> <>
> In Firefox (linux & windows), the title displays, (when no title the 
> alt did not
> display), the longdesc shows up in the properties, but other than 
> cutting and
> pasting I can't get to the page easily. However, longdesc doesn't show 
> up in the
> properties in MSExplorer or Opera.

You need to add JavaScript to get browsers to support @longdesc. But 
then you can get them to support it *very* easily. As Microsoft says in 
their beta release of Internet Explorer 8, @longdesc was defined as part 
of the DOM in version 1.

Both Firefox, Internet Explorer since version 6, Opera and Webkit (and 
probably KHTML) supports it that way, fine.  (So why VoiceOver does not 
support @longdesc, when Webkit in fact do, is a mystery.)

Expanding @longdesc to other embedded files is an interesting idea.

You could for instance define @longdesc to be opened via doubleclick  
instead of singleclick, to avoide the need for the need of quirky left 
or right - or whatever - clicks with the mouse.
leif halvard silli

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