Re: Browser defaults should please the mass of authors

Le 21 avr. 2008 à 17:13, Ian Hickson a écrit :
> This isn't what the spec is suggesting. The text I added to the spec  
> which
> is what Henri is referring to would, if implemented, block _all_ new
> author-requested windows, including those from All  
> the ways
> of opening new windows go through this same algorithm, it's the only  
> part
> of the spec that creates a new window.

huge usability issue.
In Camino, there is a preference for this

I have set it up, it creates major bottlenecks on some web sites, such  
as for example a calendar option, or a help list of codes for markup,  
etc. It creates issues to me, but I know how to use a computer, most  
of the people are not savy enough for these situations.

Karl Dubost - W3C
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