Re: Image/Video/Audio Metadata (an alternative perspective of alt text)

Marghanita da Cruz a écrit :
> Is there any scope for including/enhancing the metadata for embedded 
> content - or is the view that that should be embedded in the content 
> itself?
> eg Attribution - Graphic Artist/Photographer, Subject, Date Taken, 
> Type of Image (Photograph), rights, I currently include this in the 
> ALT text with the hope that it is displayed in the mouseover.  It 
> would also be useful to be able to format this.
> Though the information needs to be repeated  in the Title, to increase 
> the likelihood that it works for everyone.
> If there is no "additional information" title or alt text, it would be 
> useful if the browser provides this feedback. 

Maybe the @longdesc attribute should be usefull in this case, no ?


Ivan Enderlin
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Received on Saturday, 19 April 2008 10:25:12 UTC