Re: text/html for html and xhtml

"j.j." <> hodd gsachd:

> William F Hammond <> hodd gsachd:
>> My only point is that a user agent should parse as xml a
>> document whose preamble indicates xhtml even when the mimetype is
>> text/html.  Or, if that is too hard or too politically difficult,
>> going forward the WG should provide a formula for the front of a
>> document that asks for an xhtml parse.
> Such a "mode switch" had to be backwards compatible. Non supporting UAs
> must display nothing useful. Something like this hurts all current
> standards, but works nice in all major web browsers:
> <plaintext xhtml>
> (Current browsers just display the source code of the following
> document, if served as text/html.)

To make it clear: No problem solved. The result would be a situation  
like today with serving as xhtml.


Received on Friday, 18 April 2008 17:38:24 UTC