Re: text/html for html and xhtml (Was: Supporting MathML and SVG in text/html, and related topics)

> The reason that people don't serve as application/xhtml+xml is the 
> existence of legacy browsers, particularly IE, in the field.  However 
> those legacy browsers don't handle SVG or MathML, so that is not a 
> relevant consideration here.

Actually so long as you have mathplayer installed (which is needed
anyway to render mathml with IE) you can send an application/xhtml+xml
xhtml+mathml document to IE and it will render just fine, and
compatibility with firefox and other mozilla based browsers.

Supporting existing use of mathml _is_ very relevant, surely.

To avoid trampling on other doctypes mathplayer only intercepts
application/xhtml+xml if they have a mathml doctype or namespace
declaration somewhere near the top but in many ways it would be nice if
it always did it, so anyone could serve application/xhtml+xml  to IE
(and have it render to a HTML DOM, not an XML one, but usually far
preferable to a folding tree display, or save file dialog)

 >  (If cross  posting is to become the standard, could I suggest the
> list server be  modified to:

I agree cross posting multiple lists is getting out of hand.


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