Re: Another summary of alt="" issues and why the spec says what it says

Karl Dubost wrote:
>> * A series of photos/descriptions. You will not be able to not if the 
>> description is for the picture below or above. Sometimes this is 
>> conveyed by the layout. When the layout is lost it will be in some cases 
>> hard to associate the right image with the right description.
>> * Another issue is the description being really somewhere else in the 
>> page and not in the linear flow of the text.

I also see the utility in use of aria-describedby and get that it is 
very useful for the above reasons but don't get why a relationship that 
is contiguous or close, or more serial is particularly prone to error??

Answers on a postcard please :-)


Received on Friday, 18 April 2008 08:56:13 UTC