Re: alt and authoring practices

On 4/17/08, Karl Dubost <> wrote:
>  Le 17 avr. 2008 à 23:18, Jim Jewett a écrit :

> > alt="", not so much -- there are too many tools and templates that put
> > that in as a default when you don't go out of your way to change
> > things.

>  do you know some of the tools which do that to document it somewhere.

Unfortunately, no.

About 3 years ago, I ran into it with some Microsoft tools -- I think
it was  If you just hit OK once you had selected the picture,
it would insert an image with alt="".  It was possible to go in and
manually change the properties to add an alt, but it wasn't part of
the obvious workflow.  (I remember only because I was actually
reprimanded for doing so, since it took longer.)

I have seen also seen it in locally built tools based on Perl.  The
tools always output an alt attribute on every img, but if there was no
input for the attribute, then Perl supplied undef which becomes the
empty string.  They did the same thing for a missing src attribute --
that just didn't happen as often.


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