Re: Supporting MathML and SVG in text/html, and related topics


I am only suggesting one thing: WhatWG should not come out with one  
spec, that's called HTML5 and mixes model and the parsing. WhatWG  
should come with two specs:

- HTML5-parsing: specifying a good syntax parser that is backwards  
- XHTML5: specifying a model that enhances HTML4 and XHTML2 models in  
the language of an XML model with the (optional) door to an HTML5- 
parsing implementation. Including exceptions to the case-sensitivity  
of some of DOM calls it that could be made there.

Le 16 avr. 08 à 17:21, Anne van Kesteren a écrit :
>>> (XHTML5 is the XML serialization of the HTML 5 language. HTML5 is
>>> the HTML serialization of HTML 5.)
>> That's all there should be about it: converting HTML5 to XHTML5.
> I'm not sure what you're suggesting here, but just "converting"  
> doesn't work, that would break document.write(), etc.

document.write() is a parser call.
I was talking of converting the spec.

>>> but to get MathML or SVG into the HTML serialization of HTML 5 you
>>> need to change the parser. Otherwise you can't utilize the deployed
>>> HTML infrastructure that most of the Web is based on.
>> yes, I understand that for sure, and I also understand that this
>> involves refining the parser by appropriate heuristics.
> I'm frankly a bit confused by what you want. The reason the HTML  
> parser is as it is, is because of compatibility with deployed  
> content. We can't change much about that. We can make extensions to  
> the current parser if we're careful, but we can't just change how  
> it works.

See above.


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