RE: alt and authoring practices

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On Wed, 16 Apr 2008, Bonner, Matt (IPG) wrote:
>> What data would you like me to collect?
> Well, the data from a web crawl that seem germane would be along the 
> lines of percentages of images for the oft-mentioned three cases:
> . have no alt attribute
> . have an alt=""
> . have an alt="(a descriptive string)"
> Obviously that still gives you no sense how often the alt text is 
> useful, but it's a start.

A start towards what?

As I said to Karl, before I spend money on this, I'd really like to know 
what hypothesis we are testing.

> One could imagine trying to run algorithms against the alt text to get a 
> sense of the frequency of useful alt text, but that sounds more like 
> research than data collection. Not sure the alt-trust-level value can be 
> determined algorithmically. ;-) [...]

Indeed, anything that requires human intervention isn't something I can 
do without significant help.

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