Re: [html4all] Unready and social engineering Re: several messages about alt

Josh wrote:

 Also as Chaals mentions validity is still only on the radar of a
> minority of developers but the *message* that validity is important
> and the tools such as validators have an impact on improving the web.
> Even thought the web is built on broken code. Also WCAG etc sets the
> *standard* by which accessibility compliance is judged, and of course
> many fall short but thats not so important as having a clear goal to
> aim for.

Exactly. The fact is the W3C validator is currently used as a web
accessibility teaching tool.

How do I know that? I know that because I have my students use it in
the classes that I teach in order to flag missing alt. It is a first
step in getting that important *message* across. One of their first
lessons is to validate HTML on the W3C site to be sure that it is
error-free and that they have indeed examined each alt.

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