Re: Supporting MathML and SVG in text/html, and related topics

Ian Hickson wrote:
> Now, even given all this, some people still want an extensibility 
> mechanism for proprietary extensions. For this, we have XML, which is 
> intended to just be a generic syntax. It is quite difficult to make a 
> generic syntax out of text/html, due to the legacy content out there. I go 
> into more detail on this in some of the replies below.

Ian, at first many thanks for creating such exhaustive analysis.

But I have to say, that I still don't see advantages of implanting SVG, 
MathML and user defined data into HTML serialization. This will make 
parsing even more complex, additional constraints on SVG and MathML 
content in HTML must be obeyed, etc. This will not simplify anything, it 
will just make HTML syntax and parsing bigger mess.

While not simply allow such features only in XML serialization where XML 
namespaces could do the job without introducing any new features? HTML 
serialization will remain easier and will be there for handling legacy 
stuff and for people who want to create simple webpages without worrying 
about missing closed tag. But if anyone wants by hand create MathML, 
SVG, user defined markup he/she is for sure enough capable to work also 
with XML syntax.


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