Re: UTC Agenda Item: Recommendations for handling ill-formed sequences

The table in the previous post ended up somewhat unreadable when
converted to plain text.  I hope the table below should be readable for
everyone (and that I have not ended up modifying it).

Sequences to be replaced  | If followed
by U+FFFD                 | by
80..C1                    | always
C2..DF                    | !80..BF
E0                        | !A0..BF
E1..EC                    | !80..BF
ED                        | !80..9F
EE..EF                    | !80..BF
F0                        | !90..BF
F1..F3                    | !80..BF
F4                        | !80..8F
F5..FF                    | always
E0      A0..BF            | !80..BF
E1..EC  80..BF            | !80..BF
ED      80..9F            | !80..BF
EE..EF  80..BF            | !80..BF
F0      90..BF            | !80..BF
F1..F3  80..BF            | !80..BF
F4      80..8F            | !80..BF
F0      90..BF  80..BF    | !80..BF
F1..F3  80..BF  80..BF    | !80..BF
F4      80..8F  80..BF    | !80..BF

Øistein E. Andersen

Received on Friday, 11 April 2008 23:08:52 UTC