Re: several messages relating to the alt="" attribute

Ian Hickson 08-04-11 18.58:     
> > >Rorschach inkblot test.
> > 
> > could be the value of the alt attribute and anyone can look
> > on the web, what kind of test this is.
>    <figure>
>     <img src="r14.jpeg" alt="Rorschach inkblot test">
>     <legend>Rorschach inkblot test #14</legend>
>    <figure>
> not any more accessible, and is arguably less accessible, than what 
> the spec suggests now:
>    <figure>
>     <img src="r14.jpeg">
>     <legend>Rorschach inkblot test #14</legend>
>    <figure>

Ian, if you had not acted as if what you described in the e-mail exactly 
mathched what the spec described, and then had not acted as if comments 
to your e-mail is a comment to the example in the spec, then you had 
confused fewer people. In the e-mail message you said:

>     In the latter case, _any_ description would miss the point of the 
>     test (which is to see what descriptions people come up with)

This immediately obviously triggered many to think about whether any alt 
text for a Rorschach inkblot card would always be a bad idea. 

If we switch, as you do here, to talk about the exact usecase as 
described in the spec, then

    <img alt='card 14' src="r14.jpg'>

should be just fine. It is short, and it would not miss any points. It 
should be more accessible than the spec is now.

(PS: I see that there are only 10 official such Rorschack cards.)
leif halvard silli

Received on Friday, 11 April 2008 18:05:02 UTC