Re: rendering of control characters, was:: Supporting MathML and SVG in text/html, and related topics

On Fri, 11 Apr 2008, David Carlisle wrote:
> I wrote
> > HTML 5 appears to follow XML 1.1 in banning these control characters 
> > as character data
> I see I was wrong there, and html5 defines
> as space characters thus _does_ allow them as character data.
> However I don't see anywhere any warning that these can't be serialised 
> in an XML 1.0 serialisation,

There is no such generic advice so far, though this section:

...provides such advice in the context of innerHTML. The short answer is 
that in some cases (quite a number of them in fact) you just can't 
serialise the document as XML 1.0.

> nor advice on how they are supposed to be rendered.

That will come in the rendering section in due course. In CSS rendering 
engines, CSS covers this.

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