Re: [whatwg] Exploring new vocabularies for HTML

On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 4:48 PM, Philip Taylor wrote:
> Thomas Broyer wrote:
> > To add to the discussion, here are small tests of IE's "namespace
> support":
> >
> > I've run the tests on IE7 on Vista, IE6 on WinXP SP2 (Virtual PC image
> > from Microsoft) and IE8b1 on WinXP SP2 (Virtual PC image from
> > Microsoft), the results are exactly the same.
> >
> > What's noticeable:
> > ...
> >
>  The behaviour is different if you document.write the namespaced HTML code -
> namespace declarations are inferred automatically when you write an element
> using a new prefix. Compare
> to the version above:
> the <baz:quux:foo>, <baz:foo> and <quux:foo> elements get put in 'baz' and
> 'quux' namespaces (with no urn) in IE6/8b1.

Yup, that's why I got confused comparing the behavior in the Live DOM
Viewer and the one described in Microsoft's documentations; and later
comparing the "live" and "dead" renderings in the "Zombie DOM Viewer".

Hence a test-document hosted on my domain ;-)

Now, I don't think document.write()ing namespaced elements is much
used "in the wild" (I suspect namespaced elements in IE to be mainly
in use with "element behaviors", deployed in intranets –I did code
such things–; outside document.write()s), so not having these inferred
declarations with document.write() shouldn't be a big deal.

Again, maybe someone at Microsoft have figures?

Thomas Broyer

Received on Thursday, 10 April 2008 16:22:00 UTC