Re: several messages about New Vocabularies in text/html


this looks promising, although I haven't assimilated all the detailed
implications yet.

A process question first, is it best to make comments in email or via
the wiki?

> we add all the MathML entities to the entity list.
I think specifically you should use the version of these from
(some future REC version, rather than its current first working draft version)
This will be the same as the MathML3 entities, and it will hopefully be
better aligned with Unicode 5, stix fonts etc, and it will certainly be
aligned with HTML. The MathML2 entities differ in one or two places
from the HTML ones (phi and some others) which has the bad effect that
for xhtml+mathml the exact definition of the entity in effect depends on
the (arcane) details of the way you merged the dtds. (The MathML2 entity
definitions were trying to be compatible with both html and docbook, as
they both use mathml, but unfortunately they were mutually incompatible,
however docbook 5 doesn't define its own entity set anymore and defers
to the above (or rather to, which is
the editor's draft of same). A merged/sorted/deduplicated entity file for

(which is linked from the above WD.)


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