Re: several messages about New Vocabularies in text/html

Simon Pieters:

>Until I see actual pages that contain non-MathML in <math> or non-SVG in  
><svg>, I'm not convinced that Henri's scoped parsing proposal[1] doesn't  
>work. Do you perhaps have such data at hand so I can take a look and be  
>convinced? :-)

The SVG recommendations expicitly note, that in the elements 'title', 'desc'
and especially 'metadata' may contain elements from other namespaces.
Especially RDF in 'metadata' might be really used currently. Because
SVG does not provide any content for metadata itself, if it is used, it
will typically contain elements from other namespaces to provide for
example some copyright or license information related to the graphics.
(X)HTML in 'desc' might be very useful to provide some description
with some structure (for an alternative display), but because 
accessibility features and alternative text presentation is currently not
widely implemented for SVG, there are maybe not very much examples
for this (I have some). For example Amaya and partly Squiggle
interprete 'desc' somehow.

Received on Wednesday, 2 April 2008 16:02:24 UTC