RE: HTML/MathML integration


> > The open question is what should happen when the MathML has an error in the
> > XML parser sense.  David and I both lean to "don't try to guess, because
> > you'll likely get it wrong and I won't know" school.  We think the "repair"
> > should be to wrap the offending part in an mtext (if it was missing a tag),
> > do what it takes to build a valid MathML DOM, and wrap the whole thing in
> > <merror> so that the user is informed something went wrong.
> That is clearly right for XML.   It may be too draconian for HTML,
> which traditionally never shows an error message.

My own preference would be to do the repair in place with an merror (as opposed to fixing things up with mtext and then wrapping the whole equation).  However, I could live with a user agent choosing to render merror as a standard mrow.  In other words, merror would be there in the DOM, but there wouldn't be any visual indication of the error in the rendering.


  <mfrac> <mn>1</mn>  <mn>2</mn> <mn>3</mn> </mfrac>

would appear in the DOM as

    <merror> <mn>2</mn> <mn>3</mn> </merror> 

and render on screen as 1/23.  (Obviously it would really render as a case fraction, and 1/23 is just my ASCII art approximation of it.)

I presume that would also allow one to add a <style> .merror {background: red} </style> or whatever you want to the document and have errors highlighted in red if you want to see them.


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