Re: HTML/MathML integration

> These people won't suddenly fix their whole toolchain to support math.
>  The conscientious will just avoid MathML because of the cost of
> making the rest of the page valid.

In what way will the use of MathML impact on the requirements of the
rest of the page?

>   Most people will go ahead and use
> it in a simplified, invalid manner, which the various browsers will
> correct in different adhoc ways.  That is the worst of both worlds.

Sorry, I don't understand this point at all. There may be some
discussion about how far the syntax of "mathml-in-html" may differ from
that of "mathml-in-xml" but surely it's a basic premise of the html5
design that whatever syntax is finally agreed on, it will have a
specified mapping to a DOM, and won't require ad hoc browser fixes?


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