Re: Exploring new vocabularies for HTML

Bruce Miller wrote:
> My fellow Math WG'ers may hate me for saying this, but
> provided there _is_ an unambiguous mapping between the
> two serializations, and providing such conversion is
> _required_ to be in (at least) the browsers, frankly it really doesn't 
> matter how offensive the
> HTML5-ized Math is.
> Give me a stylesheet and I'll never even have to look at it :>
> [Note that "unambiguous mapping" excludes the
> case of nonsensical Math, like fraction(1,2,3)
> (whatever serialization)]
Far from this, at least one Math WG member could very well live with 
this, though he would probably still write (and generate) MathML3 in 
XHTML and serve it as XML.


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