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On 22/10/2011 06:07, Robert Leif wrote:
> In short, we need to state that the only purpose of the DOCTYPE
> declaration is to communicate to the browser the format of the
> document.

The HTML(5) spec is pretty clear on the use of the DOCTYPE.
Actually it doesn't really specify the format of the document at all.
As specified by html5 it is just a switch to toggle the browser between
standards and quirks mode.

> This leads to the question, what should one put in the first line
> for an XHTML5 page?

It's also pretty clear about that.

> The problem is that it is probably not economically feasible under
> the present circumstances to create a full schema that describes
> html5

You keep returning to schema (and particularly XSD schema as if that was
synonymous with XML). Actually There is a fairly full html+mathml+svg
relax ng schema available as part of the system. The code also uses custom java code to validate certain aspects
not expressible with schema (or to give better error reporting) but the
schema is available as a pure schema validation if that's what you want.
schema validation is irrelevant to browsers though.

and thus provides xhtml5, which would then use <?xml
> version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> or similar statement. Therefore,
> essentially some sort of add-on is needed to extend html5 to provide
> the functionality of xhtml5.
No. Why do you say that?
The HTML5 spec specifies the xml syntax for html5 known as xhtml5, and
all the html5-era browsers support that, without any add on being required.


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