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On 21/10/2011 05:49, Robert Leif wrote:
> Jirka, thank you. What tool and/or browser did you use to make an
> HTML5 or XHTML5 web page to demonstrate this? We are now making some
>  progress.

Robert, browsers, since they have supported xml at all, have always
allowed you to send arbitrary XML when served with an xml or xhtml mime
type. These elements are parsed into the DOM as you would expect,
including namespace support, and may be styled with css and manipulated
with javascript.

Browsers do not use validating parsers at all, so the validity or
otherwise of these elements is not really an issue (which is pretty much
why your XSD-centric comments have had rather a disconnect with most
discussions on this list).

It is of course useful to have a schema or other validation tool that
checks the documents being produced but that is irrelevant to the
browser landscape and is the responsibility of the organisation
specifying the additional xml markup.

So for example, there have been schema available for xhtml+mathml+svg
available since approximately forever, which allows content producers to
produce documents valid to that extension, and any xml capable browser
would correctly parse such documents (even back in 1998 when we started
xml). The display of any such extension would depend on any css or
javascript or applet or browser extension or any other suitable
technology. None of this changes with (x)html(5) so it isn't really
clear what more you expect the standards to specify, or the browsers to
implement, in this area.


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