Re: <time> values in HTML5

On Sat, 2011-11-19 at 00:05 +0000, Jeni Tennison wrote:

> I see XML Schema 1.1 [1] is at Candidate Recommendation stage. Is it
> too late to slip in a xs:timezone and a xs:gYearWeek?

As team contact for Schema, I'll note that
(1) we'd need implementation support. I think that's actually doable.
(2) we'd need  clear spec. The HTML 5 spec is quite likely to be clear
(3) we'd need to know that the HTML 5 spec was stable in this area;
(4) we'd need test cases added to the test suite.

Frankly, an RFC822-style date lexical format would be of huge benefit

Jeni, feel free to file a comment on Bugzilla against XSD 1.1 CR; I
can't promise anything will happen, because the Schema WG has very few
resources and is trying to move forward, and because going back to last
call isn't on the cards, but I also won't rule it out.

If new types were to be added in the next two weeks, I can also imagine
us being able to put at least a placeholder into XQuery 3 and XPath 3
before Last Call for XQuery 3 (and the XDM and serialization and
Functions and Operators), even if we didn't have all the details fleshed

Good catch.


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