Re: XForms Use Case

A stab at perhaps another use case...

Is it not one of the use cases behind XForms that it
allows a form in a browser to output/submit data
in a form which can be processed by an XML toolchain
(i.e. the form outputs its submission as XML)?

1. With respect to HTML5 or XHTML5:
It should be possible to get an HTML5 form to produce
as output something which can be consumed by a
toolchain which can then produce further HTML5 using
that output
2. With respect to XML:
XML is very suitable as the output referred to in 1. above

How does AJAX fit in with this? Does AJAX so fulfill 1 and
2 that the above use case is irrelevant to HTML5 as form
submissions are no longer the preferred means of
producing such output? I'm not sure it does as part of
this use case is that it should be possible to use form
output to generate further forms and including AJAX in
such a form might make it more complex than need be.
Using an XForm output to generate a further XForm has,
perhaps, a lower overhead. What does (X)HTML5
provide for this use case to compare with what XForms


Stephen D Green

Received on Friday, 21 January 2011 09:59:36 UTC