Re: HTML/XML Task Force Minutes 18 January 2011

On 21/01/2011 08:26, Michael Kay wrote:
> I've been wondering the same kind of thing. In fact I've been wondering
> - why exactly would I choose to serialize my content as HTML5 rather
> than XHTML(5?), given that it's not hand-authored?

Typical reasons including needing (or wanting) to include some boiler 
plate code (embedding some advert banner or calendar widget or 
something) and that code assumes html, or needing to submit the document 
to be served via some content management system that is going to serve 
it as text/html whatever.

It may be that the solution in both cases is not to change the specs at 
all, but simply(?) get the relevant software updated to support xhtml, 
but they are the main reasons I see at present, along with supporting 
IE<9, which again could have the same solution (update the browser to 


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