Re: XForms Use Case

> Deploying XForms in text/html isn't a use case, it's a *solution* one
> could propose *for* some use case(s). I'd like to know of a use case,
> solvable by deploying XForms in text/html, that isn't solvable by simply
> using HTML's existing forms functionality.

Well, there are many benefits in adopting a more declarative approach to 
forms generation, with automatic validation based on schema definitions 
and so on. And of course, one way to implement XForms is to compile the 
high-level forms descriptions into low-level HTML/Javascript widgets.

But surely, that's not the point? Isn't it enough that there's a 
community of people who want to do XForms? Why should you, or anyone 
else, stand as gatekeeper and tell them they have to convince you first?

Michael Kay

Received on Wednesday, 12 January 2011 20:38:22 UTC