Re: XForms Use Case


> Currently missing from the initial use cases[…] is any mention of
> XForms.

Deploying XForms in text/html isn't a use case, it's a *solution* one
could propose *for* some use case(s). I'd like to know of a use case,
solvable by deploying XForms in text/html, that isn't solvable by simply
using HTML's existing forms functionality.

> Certainly, XForms is another XML vocabulary that's a sensible
> candidate for embedding in HTML.

I'm not certain of this.

> Or is it irrelevant, because you can just as well use XHTML?

It's not irrelevant because you can use XHTML, it's (most likely)
irrelevant because the Web platform already has a widely deployed forms
language: HTML's forms.


Received on Wednesday, 12 January 2011 18:58:28 UTC