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On 01/05/2011 11:57 AM, John Cowan wrote:
> Sam Ruby scripsit:
>> Similarly, let me know when you have produced ubiquitous HTML5 parsers
>> for all environments, as you clearly have presumed when you stated[2]
>> "addressed by putting an HTML5 parser at the start of the XML processing
>> pipeline". :-)
> I think that's a bit OTT.  Saying that a problem has been addressed
> (that is, that a solution has been identified) is not the same as saying
> the problem has been solved and the solution deployed.

Just some background: Henri and I have a bit of history here.  It is my 
hope that some day both of us are able to invest the necessary time to 
port his excellent html5 parser to a standalone runtime that produces a 
libxml2 compatible DOM representation.  To date, this hasn't happened 
yet.  Meanwhile, new environments continue to pop up (like node.js) for 
which this cycle starts anew.

>> My suggestion for this group is that while we look to improve things
>> whenever possible, but remain grounded in reality in terms of deployed
>> formats and tool chains.
> +1

Atom has been out for 5 years (and FWIW, I have history there too). 
Even those who publish true XHTML content in Atom form often do so as HTML.

The net is that I believe that the situation we see today in terms of 
parser availability and formats is likely to still be relevant 10+ years 
from now.

- Sam Ruby

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