Re: What problem is this task force trying to solve and why?

Kurt Cagle scripsit:

> One other possibility that comes to mind is simply to create a
> <foreignContent> element in HTML5. SVG has a similar element (usually
> for holding HTML, oddly enough). This would simply tell the processor
> to not display the content in question, not to parse it, not to do
> anything with it.

That's what "script" does, and I see no reason to duplicate it.

On the other hand, having an <xml> element which says that everything up
to the matching </xml> is well-formed XML (without prologue or epilogue)
and should be incorporated into the DOM seems a good idea to me.  If there
are legacy concerns with <xml>, use <well-structured-extension> or for
that matter <scritchifchisted> instead.

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