Re: New HTML/XML Task Force Report published

Norman Walsh scripsit:

> I've just published the first draft of any actual substance:
> I encourage you to review it and send your comments to this list.

I'm really unhappy with the proposed resolution to use case 5.  It
currently reads:

    This aspect of XML parsing could be addressed by a more lenient
    parser. Working out all of the details to assure that the necessary
    error correction produced expected results in all cases might be
    tedious, but some efforts have already been undertaken to examine
    the issue.

"Tedious" implies that the general outline of how to make a lenient
parser is well understood, and only the details remain to be worked out.
But this is not so: nobody has any real non-handwaving understanding
of what user expectations about not-well-formed XML text are, not
to even mention how the expectations of authors/publishers and
recipients/processors might need to be balanced against one another.

I suggest removing the second sentence.

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