Introducing the HTML/XML Task Force

Hello world,

Welcome to the HTML/XML Task Force mailing list. This task force was
created by the W3C TAG as a way to focus attention on the TAG issue
HTML-XML-Divergence-67[1]. It was announced by Tim Berners-Lee during
his presentation[2] at the Technical Plenary[3] this past October.

The task force currently consists of

   Robin Berjon
   Michael Champion
   James Clark
   John Cowan
   Michael Kay
   Yves Lafon (staff contact)
   Noah Mendelsohn
   Henri Sivonen
   Norman Walsh (chair)

With a couple of invitations still outstanding.

Clearly there's a lot of room for discussion about precisely how the
task force should even consider addressing the problem presented to
it. There is, in fact, room for discussion about the precise nature of
the problem, though Tim clearly outlined some of the more apparent
issues in his TPAC slides[4].

The task force had its first meeting this morning and began to wrestle
with those questions as a necessary first step towards progress.

Thanks, in advance, to everyone for the time and energy that will be
devoted to these questions. Hopefully this is the beginning of a
process that will lead us to a place of mutual understanding and
consensus about how to build (at least parts of) the web of the


                                        Norman Walsh

Norman Walsh
Lead Engineer
MarkLogic Corporation

Received on Tuesday, 21 December 2010 21:08:34 UTC