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12 Jan 2012

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+1.415.595.aabb, Radhika_Roy, GlennAdams, Julian, eliot, paulc, Janina_Sajka, Cynthia_Shelly, Mike, tantek, [Microsoft], krisk

		 New Issues This Week
		 Items Closed Last Week
		 Items Closing This Week
		 Items Closing Next Week
		 New Calls this week
		 New Surveys this week
		 Decisions this week
		 Task Force Reports
		 Other Business
		 Scribe for Next Meeting
	 Summary of Action Items
Zakim: +1.415.595.aabb is me
<eliot> did not
Julian, still willing to scribe?
<Julian> mjs, no - did I say so?
Julian: I may have misunderstood - right after I asked for a volunteer you said "once I can tell Zakim!"
<paulc> We can hear you.
<scribe> scribenick: mjs
<trackbot> ACTION-207 -- Paul Cotton to confirm that change proposal for av_param is still active -- due 2011-01-05 -- OPEN
New Issues This Week

<paulc> ACTION-207 is due next week
MS: none
... 3 tracker requsts:
Items Closed Last Week

MS: none
Items Closing This Week

MS: ISSUE-189 uri-web-prefix
<trackbot> ISSUE-189 -- Prefix convention needs to be coordinated with IETF -- raised
Items Closing Next Week

MS: ISSUE-187: validity-stability extended til Jan 21
<trackbot> ISSUE-187 -- Document conformance has to be stable over the time -- raised
MS: ISSUE-190: coding-example, due Jan 21
<trackbot> ISSUE-190 -- Replace poor coding example for figure with multiple images -- raised
MS: ISSUE-191: ins-del due Jan 21
<trackbot> ISSUE-191 -- Replace/complement <ins> and <del> elements by a cleaner wysiwyg-safe attribute-based solution -- raised
MS: ISSUE-192: title-attribute due Jan 21
<trackbot> ISSUE-192 -- title attribute definition does not match reality -- raised
MS: due Jan 21
CS: (inquires about nature of Jan 21)
MS: see the issue description
CS: Steve is probably going to send something
JS: and he will probably have task force backing
New Calls this week

MS: quite a few this week
... ISSUE-180: allowpopups, Call for Consensus closes Jan 18
<trackbot> ISSUE-180 -- Add "allow-popups" for iframe@sandbox -- open
MS: ISSUE-179: av_param, Call for Alternate or Counter Proposals closes Feb 11
<trackbot> ISSUE-179 -- {audio,video} require param child (or equivalent) -- open
MS: ISSUE-181: remove-sidebar, Call for Consensus closes Jan 18
<trackbot> ISSUE-181 -- remove remains of "sidebar" link relation -- open
MS: ISSUE-172: restore-rb, Call for Alternate or Counter Proposals closes Feb 11
<trackbot> ISSUE-172 -- restore <rb> as an optional element -- raised
MS: ISSUE-183: enhance-time, Call for Alternate or Counter Proposals closes Feb 11
<trackbot> ISSUE-183 -- Enhance and simplify the time element -- open
MS: ISSUE-184: data-element, Call for Alternate or Counter Proposals closes Feb 11
<trackbot> ISSUE-184 -- Add a data element -- open
<tantek> aside: I've worked to resolve differeing opinions on ISSUE-183 and don't know of any outstanding alternate opinions on it - if anyone does, please let me know so we can attempt include that in the consensus.
MS: ISSUE-185: drop-pubdate, Call for Alternate or Counter Proposals closes Feb 11
<trackbot> ISSUE-185 -- Drop the pubdate attribute -- open
MS: ISSUE-131: caret-location-API, Call for Proposals closes Feb 11
<trackbot> ISSUE-131 -- Should we add a caret location API to canvas, or is the focus API sufficient? -- open
MS: clock is ticking
... any questions?
JS: in last week's TF call we discussed 131
... we will have a CP from the TF, Steve Faulkner will be the editor
MS: thanks; any other qustions?
New Surveys this week

MS: None
Decisions this week

MS: ISSUE-182: footnote-recommendation, Closed Without Prejudice
MS: closed without prejudice means you can reopen it just by submitting a Change Proposal
... any questions?
Task Force Reports

MS: testing task force?
KK: I'm here
KK: we met as planned last week
... meet again this coming week on normal schedule
... there were some offline app cache tests
... that's one big thing
<krisk> offline appcache tests are in HG
KK: more bidi tests submitted
MS: accessibility task force?
JS: accessibility TF has been busy
... decided on approach w/ Steve F as editor
... the rest of our attention is on 100+ bugs; deciding which we need to escalate
... expect as many as 5 more escalations
... one more meeting planned to categorize
... will relate various bugs that are related
... trying to organize the issues and combine related bugs
JS: text sub team met this week
... several issues were discussed; talked about title
... you can expect a meta generator request to reconsider next week
... great interest and concern to respond to longdesc
... that's it
MS: any questions or comments about task force reports?
Other Business

Scribe for Next Meeting

<glenn> i can volunteer

<tantek> bye!
Summary of Action Items

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